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I'm looking for a way to replace the settings.dat.php with a settings table in my database and then store the schema files in a remote storage location (e.g. Amazon S3).

Is this possible? Is there anything that needs to be considered carefully when doing this? Any information that anyone could share that might help me achieve this?

My reasoning is that if I lose access to the server then I want to be able to just spin up a new server and not worry about any of the files stored on the local disk of the old server.



By Dave - May 25, 2021

Hey Greg, 

Following up on this very old post.  

This is on our list as well, there's a number of places where we're using files to store data (settings, schema, actual uploads, etc). 

The plan moving forward is to be able to support having that in the database and/or S3 when available.

If you want more details on how any of the internals work feel free to email me direct at


Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By gversion - May 26, 2021

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply on this. I'm pleased to hear this on the roadmap! I appreciate you probably can't commit to anything but it would be helpful if you could give me an idea as to when this might be released. If it's a way off then we might start developing this ourselves in which case I will be in touch with you directly if I have any questions.

Many thanks,