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By Djulia - August 12, 2022

In response to:

// You can add multiple watermarking rules to apply different images to different upload fields. Only the first rule which matches a field will be applied.

'tables' => '', # Comma-separated list of table names to be watermarked. To apply this rule to all tables, leave blank or comment out this line.
'fields' => '', # Comma-separated list of upload field names to be watermarked. To apply this rule to all upload fields, leave blank or comment out this line.
'image' => 'images/logo.png', # url or filepath to watermarking image
'alpha' => 1, # Translucency: 1 = opaque, 0.5 = half-transparent
'hAlign' => 'right', # Horizontal Alignment: left, center, right
'vAlign' => 'bottom', # Vertical Alignment: top, middle, bottom
'hMargin' => 5, # Horizontal Margin: pixels left between left/right edge of image and watermark (n/a when hAlign=center)
'vMargin' => 5, # Vertical Margin: pixels left between top/bottom edge of image and watermark (n/a when vAlign=middle)


Has this plugin been released? I can't seem to find it in the plugins page.


By daniel - August 16, 2022

Hi Djulia,

It appears this plugin was never officially completed or released. I've attached the latest version I was able to find, as it was noted in that old thread that it was working, so you're free to try it out if you'd like. Though I'll note I haven't personally tested it, and it was built for CMSB 2 so there's no guarantees that it'll work in more current CMSB versions.


Technical Lead

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By Djulia - August 18, 2022 - edited: August 18, 2022

Hi Daniel,

The plugin works well and does what i need.
I only added support for WEBP.

Thanks again,


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