PHP 5.6 compatability with older CMSB versions

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By kkegans - July 11, 2016

Can anyone tell me if there are compatibility issues with older versions of CMSB and PHP 5.6?  WE have a number of clients taht are still using CMSB versions back to v.  1.36.

Are we going to have to upgrade some of the old versions to be compatible with PHP 5.6? If so, what is the oldest version that is compatible with PHP5.6?

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By Dave - July 13, 2016

Hi Kurt, 

PHP 5.6 was released about 5 years after CMSB v1.36, so there will likely be some compatibility issues as each new PHP version changes some things.

I'd recommend upgrading to the latest v3 version, or if not that, the latest v2 branch version (Version 2.65).  

And as far as your clients go, developers often bill for upgrades like this, because it's required to keep up with the recommended security patches provided by PHP.  The same would be true for any CMS platform the client was on.

Hope that helps!  Let me know any questions.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By kkegans - July 13, 2016

Thanks Dave,

 I will let you know what issues I experience... the PHP is being upgraded tonight to 5.6.

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