By Daryl - January 11, 2016 - edited: January 18, 2016

Hi All,

We've just released a new version of the following plugins:

NOTE: These versions require CMSB 3.00 (Released January 2016)

CSV Import v1.07

Create PDF v1.06

Geocoder v1.03

Permalinks v1.04

Report Builder v1.01

QR Code Generator v1.02

Save & Copy Button v1.07

Show/Hide Fields For Users v0.02

Show/Hide Dependant Fields v0.07

Show/Hide Dependent Fields Plus v0.95

Bulk User Access Editor v1.02

Add Apply Button v0.03

List Field Jump v0.3 

Modify Header Links v1.01

Outgoing SMS v1.03

Newsletter Builder v3.04

Website Membership v1.11

Website Comments v1.03

Developer Console v1.03

The updates were  mostly to make the plugins UI compatible with CMSB 3.00:

  • Replaced deprecated function hooks
  • Updated the plugin menu pages to use the new admin UI functions

Report Builder and Website Membership plugins new version includes new feature and bug fixes. 
Check out their changelog for more details:
Report builder changelog:
Website Membership changelog:

The following plugins has been tested on CMSB 3.0 and worked fine so there's no need to update them:

  • Auto Backup v1.04
  • Website Favorites v1.01
  • Website Saved Searches v1.00
  • Spambot Email Protector v2.01
  • Download Mail v1.01
  • Twitter Post v2.05
  • Facebook Login v1.03
  • Twitter Login v1.01
  • Low Disk Space Alert v1.00
  • Exploit Scanner v1.14
  • CSV Export v1.04
  • Require HTTPS v1.00
  • Modify Homepage v1.00
  • Create Record Here v1.01

If you have any questions about a particular plugin, please create a new forum post.

For user-submitted plugins, please contact the plugin author or request an update by creating a new forum post.


Daryl Maximo
PHP Programmer -

By Deborah - January 14, 2016

Hi, Daryl.

Could you please advise status on the Auto Backup plugin update? It appears to have stopped working for me after the upgrade to 3.0.


By Damon - January 14, 2016

Hi Deborah,

Daryl is working on updating all the plugins to work with 3.0, including the Auto Backup plugin and will post an update here again as soon as more plugins are ready.

Damon Edis -

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By Damon - January 15, 2016

Hi Deborah,

Both Daryl and I have checked the Auto Backup plugin and it doesn't require any updates to continue working with 3.0.

Can you start a new forum post with details about any error message you might get and what happens when you try manually running it: 
Admin >  Background Tasks : Status - run now link

We can then help determine what the issue may be and get it working again.


Damon Edis -

Hire me! Save time by getting our experts to help with your project.