Multi records: Want listings to link to *some* details pages, but not all

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By CommonSenseDesign - September 1, 2016 - edited: September 1, 2016

Hi, All.

I'm trying to create a multi record events page, some of which will just be the event's title and date, and some will need another page with more info (i.e. a link to a detail page). Is there a way of specifying that a record doesn't have a link to a detail page?

I know I could set up two separate multi record sections and leave the links out of the code for one, but I want to be able to mix the linked and non-linked records on the list page, which I guess would mean using just one multi record section.


By Toledoh - September 1, 2016

I normally check for any extra data... if there is, then show the link.  ie.  If I have a multi-record with a field "link_url" that sometimes has a website to link to, I would use the following:

<?php if ($record['link_url']): ?><a href="<?php echo ($record['link_url']) ?>" target="_blank">View website</a><?php endif ?>

Same with additional content.  If the "content" field is filled in, then display a link to the detail page. ie.

<?php if ($record['content']): ?><a href="<?php echo $record['_link'] ?>" target="_blank">Read more</a><?php endif ?>


Tim Forrest

Toledoh Enterprises

By ross - September 2, 2016

Hi there.

I think Tim has you on the right track.

You could also create a checkbox called "Show Read More Link" and use that to determine if a record needs a "Read More" link.

I like Tim's idea better though as it uses fields you already have and doesn't require extra work to use.

Let us know any questions.

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By CommonSenseDesign - September 2, 2016

That was pretty easy! Works perfectly - thank you.

I've added the word "Details" and a link if there is more information in the content field.