By Zicky - August 23, 2016

I have a single section editor called "Company Settings" which contains many of the default settings for a business. In this section is a text field for the company's IT department's email address. I need to setup the plugin "autoBackup" to to email the IT department when the auto backup is complete.

If you look at the code below you'll see I bolded some text which I'll like to load in the IT department's email address in the "autoBackup" plugin, but it's not working...

Anyone have some ideas how to get this working?

Plugin Name: Auto Backup
Description: Automatically create versioned database backups at daily, weekly, and monthly intervals.
Version: 1.03
Requires at least: 2.10

$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_HOURS']  = 24;            // Keep automatic backups for the last X hours (max 24)
$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_DAYS']   = 3;             // Keep automatic backups for the last X days  (max 7)
$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_WEEKS']  = 3;             // Keep automatic backups for the last X weeks (max 52)
$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_MONTHS'] = 3;             // Keep automatic backups for the last X months (max 12)

$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_DEFAULT_PREFIX']  = '';       // Backup file prefix, leave blank to use server IP (eg: or $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'])
#$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_DEFAULT_PREFIX'] = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'];   // Uncomment to use server name as backup file prefix

$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_EMAIL']           = '$company_settingsRecord['company_it_email']';       // If defined, backups will be emailed to this address (only the most frequent backup type will be sent)
$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_EMAIL_FREQUENCY'] = 'hourly'; // hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly


$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_DIR']    = realpath(DATA_DIR .'/backups');
$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_PREFIX'] = _autoBackup_getPrefix();

addAction('init_complete', 'autoBackup_updateBackups',  null, 0);


Thanks, Zick

By Toledoh - August 23, 2016

Can you remove the inverted commas?

$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_EMAIL']           = $company_settingsRecord['company_it_email'];

Tim (toledoh.com.au)