E_DEPRECATED: str_replace() in plugin_functions.php

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By Deborah - August 30, 2022

Hi, Interactive Tools.

It appears a PHP 8 code update might be needed in /lib/plugin_functions.php for my v3.56 installations. The error log records the following error every time cron.php runs (set to every 5 min).

#23041 - E_DEPRECATED: str_replace(): Passing null to parameter #3 ($subject) of type array|string is deprecated
/home/webpvw4vps1/public_html/_cmsb356/lib/plugin_functions.php (line 458)

#0 _errorlog_logErrorRecord() called at [/home/webpvw4vps1/public_html/_cmsb356/lib/errorlog_functions.php:64]
#1 _errorlog_catchRuntimeErrors() called
#2 str_replace() called at [/home/webpvw4vps1/public_html/_cmsb356/lib/plugin_functions.php:458]
#3 getPluginPathAndUrl() called at [/home/webpvw4vps1/public_html/_cmsb356/lib/plugin_functions.php:566]
#4 pluginAction_addHandlerAndLink() called at [/home/webpvw4vps1/public_html/_cmsb356/plugins/autoBackup_1-04/autoBackup.php:31]
#5 include_once() called at [/home/webpvw4vps1/public_html/_cmsb356/lib/plugin_functions.php:22]
#6 loadPlugins() called at [/home/webpvw4vps1/public_html/_cmsb356/lib/init.php:143]
#7 require_once() called at [/home/webpvw4vps1/public_html/_cmsb356/cron.php:19]

[logType] => runtime
[errno] => 8192
[errstr] => str_replace(): Passing null to parameter #3 ($subject) of type array|string is deprecated
[errfile] => /home/webpvw4vps1/public_html/_cmsb356/lib/plugin_functions.php
[errline] => 458
[errcontext] => *** in symbol table field above ***


Probably just an annoying error, without consequences, but it does fill up the error log. Hoping there's a simple code change I can make.

Thanks for having a look!
~ Deborah

By daniel - August 30, 2022

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for the report! Yes, this should be a relatively straightforward fix. Can you try changing this line in /cmsb/lib/plugin_functions.php (at or near line 458):

$pluginUrl    = str_replace(' ', '%20', @$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']);            // url encoded spaces

To this:

$pluginUrl    = str_replace(' ', '%20', $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']??'');            // url encoded spaces

Let me know if that clears up the errors!


Technical Lead

By Deborah - August 30, 2022

Hi, Daniel. Your suggested worked!

While reviewing the CMSB error log I noticed an occasional similar error being recorded, so I modified the following:

/lib/database_functions.php - line 450:

  $hostname         = preg_replace('/[^\w\d\-\.]/', '', @$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);      

changed to:

$hostname = preg_replace('/[^\w\d\-\.]/', '', $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']??'');

I've not seen these errors logged after the change. 

Thank you once again for your help!

~ Deborah