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By Toledoh - April 19, 2017

Hey All.

I need to have a CMSB user be able to add an image via WYSIWYG, but have it generate

<div class="cyclotron" style="background:url(panorama.jpg);height:512px"></div>

I was thinking of possibly adding the image as normal, then giving it a class of "cyclotron", so it would be like

<img class="cyclotron" src="url(panorama.jpg)" />

Then having some kind of string_replace?

Any ideas?


Tim (

By ross - April 19, 2017

Hi Tim.

I think setting a background image via your WYSIWYG editor is going to be tricky.

Why does it need to be done this way? 

Could you look at having a separate upload field specifically for the background image?  It will be much easier to access the image in your code that way.

Let me know what you think.


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By Toledoh - April 19, 2017

Yeah, has to be via wysiwyg so they can place the content where they like on the page, and have multiple per text field. 


Tim (

By Toledoh - April 19, 2017

Would something like this work?

$str = '<img class="cyclotron" src="url(panorama.jpg)" />';

$str = preg_replace('<img class="cyclotron" src="url(.*?)" />', 'div class="cyclotron" style="background:url($1);height:512px"></div', $str);

echo $str;


But I also expect that if this does in fact work, it would only work for a single occurrence?


Tim (