Expert WordPress Programming Services

After working on nearly 100 WordPress sites so far - many of them custom-built from the ground up - there’s not much that we can’t handle. 

Why are we now offering CMS Builder AND WordPress?

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Custom Programming

We already have a great list of reasons why you should hire us and those reasons hold true when working with WordPress. Custom-built solutions are where we feel most at home, and we’re ready to use our decades of experience to make your project a reality.

Some examples of custom programming work that we can help you with:

  • New site features
  • 3rd Party Integrations (Google Analytics, Twitter Feeds, CDNs, etc.)
  • Error and bug fixes
  • Custom themes and plugins
  • Complete custom built sites

Security and Site Recovery

It’s an unfortunate reality that WordPress is a big target for hackers online, and while an up-to-date WordPress installation can generally be considered secure, older installations can become vulnerable to attack. Beyond making sure your site is updated, we can go the extra mile to review your entire site and server for additional security threats.

And if you’ve already been the unfortunate victim of a malicious attack, we know how to quickly get your site back on track.

Server Backups & Restoration

An important part of running any website is backing up your server in case of hardware failure, natural disaster, etc. We can help you determine the backup needs of your WordPress site and help set up a process to keep your files and data safe.

WordPress/Plugin Updates

CMS and plugin updates have the habit of piling up if they’re left alone, and the possibility for incompatibilities can be worrying when upgrading after a long period of time or for major version changes. We can monitor your site during upgrades and be ready to respond to any issues that arise, getting your website back up to date with no stress.

Content Updates

WordPress is often billed as user-friendly and easy to use, but that depends heavily on how it was built and the skill of who built it. Whether you’ve got a sprawling admin that’s impossible to navigate or hard-coded content that you can’t update from the CMS. We can get the changes done with minimal time wasted. We can even find ways to optimize your admin to make managing your own content easier than ever.

Everything Else

The above highlights just some of the areas we can support your WordPress project, but it is by no means exhaustive. Estimates are always free - just send us the details of your project and we’re confident that we can craft a solution that’s right for you.

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