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By Daryl - August 23, 2016

Hi Djulia,

Is it also envisaged to add a field for menu-prefix-icon?

Are you referring to the plugin filter where you can set the menu-prefix-icon?

If yes, setting a menu icon in the section editor does the same thing so we don't need another field for that.


Daryl Maximo
PHP Programmer -

By Djulia - August 23, 2016

Hi Daryl,

I use css to hide the fa-external-link with the "Section Type -> link".
In custom.css .menu-suffix-icon{display:none}

I use this type of section with plugins (Link URL =?_pluginAction=…) and the value by default (fa-external-link) is not really appropriate.

But, do not waste time with that, I will continue with this approach (custom.css).

Thanks again!


By Daryl - August 24, 2016

Hi Djulia,

So you were referring to the menu suffix icon and not the prefix.

No, I don't think we need a field in the section editor for the suffix icon because I think it will not be used that much.
We can use the plugin filter to add/change the suffix icon for now unless many people asked for a field to set it.

And right, you can hide it using CSS or update it to change to other icon using the plugin filter.


Daryl Maximo
PHP Programmer -