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By CWD - May 4, 2008

Three features I would like to see either as paid add ons or upgrades would be :

1: Automated password recovery
2: Automated requests to update info on pages published(6 month or 1 year), with some sort of alert sent to on of the admins if user/editor does not comply.
3: Workflow management. (What I mean by this is an editor can make changes and a manger or administrator have to approve and/or publish the page)

Re: [CWD] Notice: Roadmap & Feature Requests (post feature requests here)

By ca172 - May 9, 2008 - edited: May 9, 2008

I've never used CMS Builder (I am still waiting for a Demo 10-day-trial account), but I saw the video and here are my suggestions:

1. Products: we should be able to add products into multiple categories (and even same product should be able to appear in more than one categories). You could use something sort of labeling for this.

2. Products: we should be able to link products to a shopping cart. So, if you turn-on the shopping-cart an "add to cart" kind of thing will also appear next to each product, and user would be able to make online payment (support for top 7-8 payment gateways should be included).

3. CSS for every page and feature. CMSBuilder should be able to add div-ids or something of that sort, and include a .css script for each page. So, for example, if I want records from News to appear in a certain way, then I would be able to do them with a css-script. As opposed to being tied-down to the way they'd appear by CMSBuilder generated code. There should be complete separation of code from presentation.

4. Different levels of access (user, editor, approver, admin, super-user etc.)

5. Ability to add form-data to the dabatase. For example, if I want to create a sign-up form, I need the ability to add the form-data to a user-db. Another example: if I want to create a email-signup list, then visitor would type in the email-address, and then I should be able to take that email-address and put in an email-list database.

6. Spell check: I'd prefer Gmail styled, in-line spell checker.

Since I have never used the product, some features I mentioned may already be in there. Thanks!

By rasbro - May 16, 2008

It would be very helpful if there was a feature for multipage sections that allow you to update the same field for many records (a global update feature).

Also, while editing one record, to have the option to click on a link or button to edit the next record in the list without having to go back to the list of records. This would come in handy when doing many updates to a number of records in a row. Simply click "Save -> Go to Next Record" or something like that.


By Janet - May 27, 2008

Hi Dave - Loving the program.

A simple request... CMSB defaults to gif, jpg, png for extensions allowed. Could you add .pdf in that default?

And I also miss that AM2 WYSIWYG a href box that pops up and spells out the a href choices. My clients loved that little widget. Any chance incorporating it into next version of CMSB?


Re: [Janet] Notice: Roadmap & Feature Requests (post feature requests here)

By Dave - May 27, 2008

Hi Jan,

I've added .pdf to the default for the next version. This is used when creating new fields. Is that what you meant or did you mean for the preset menus as well?

If you're comfortable editing the PHP code you can change the default now for your current version like this:

- open /lib/menus/database/editField_functions.php
- make a backup copy
- search for $defaultValue['allowedExtensions']
- replace that line with this (or whatever you want):
$defaultValue['allowedExtensions'] = 'gif,jpg,png,wmv,mov,swf,pdf';

For the wysiwyg, we actually use a different component in CMS Builder. I had a look back at AM2, do you mean how it shows you a list of anchors on the page. Like from <a name="section"> tags? Or something else?

Thanks for your suggestions! :)
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Janet - May 27, 2008

First, thanks for the .pdf tip. I had no problem adding my favored extensions to the $defaultValue['allowedExtensions'] statement.

The linking dialogue box I was referring to is apparently part of the AM2 WYSIWYG field. The link icon pulls up a neat little Hypertext promp box that makes setting your a hrefs a little simpler for the novice. I turn my sites over to clients who are not as familiar with HTML tags and this box was such a nice help for them.


By InHouse - May 27, 2008

The biggest issue for my main client is really the lack of an image manager. They wind up loading dozens of the same images (logos mostly) over and over again.

I wrote a simple page to show them all the images in the system and their URLs for copy-n-paste use, but that's stretching things a bit for them.


Re: [InHouse] Notice: Roadmap & Feature Requests (post feature requests here)

By Dave - May 27, 2008


How are the images included in the files? Would it be possible to have a pulldown of logos they could select from to avoid having to upload multiple files?

A shared media manager is in the plans but a lot of work and is still a ways off.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By InHouse - May 27, 2008

Hi Dave,

Yes, a pull-down option is one way to go in the short term. I've done that where the situation is predictable enough to allow it. However, there are many other times where you just don't know what will be needed.

I can well understand that an image manager would be a complex thing to code. I'm sure the clever folks at Interactive Tools will do it well when when they tackle it.


By Djulia - June 3, 2008

Hi Dave,

I would like to give the possibility to the visitors of adding comments.

Will this option be available in the next update?

Is a date envisaged ?

Thank you for your answer. [:)]