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By Mikey - April 2, 2015

Hey Glenn,

I haven't built a plugin for this. I'm definitely interested in having one though and plan to either develop it myself, or hire InteractiveTools to build it for me.

I do think this would be a great Add-on plugin for InteractiveTools to offer for sale under the Add Ons page.

By kkegans - April 2, 2015

I would be interested in this plugin as well..

Dave, It seems there is interest out here, could this be a IT AddOn?  Or do we need to get to gether and contract it from IT Consulting?

CMSB Rocks!



By JeffC - April 3, 2015

Hi Glenn, Hi Zick

I have been discussing a plugin with Ross at Interactivetools. On this occasion I decided against going ahead, mainly because of the cost involved (that's not to say it was expensive, just that that the cost outweighed the benefits for my project). 

Maybe if we got together on this forum, and could agree on format/functionality, we could jointly fund the development?

This is what I would like the plugin to do:

Each of my records currently has the following fields: Title; Short Description; Content; Image Upload

I would like to add a checkbox which, when checked, posts all of the above fields to my Facebook page when the page is saved.

For the plugin to be universally useful I think that we would need to be able to modify the names of the fields to be posted (either in the cms or hard coded into the plugin itself)

Optional extra
I would also like the plugin to post to twitter, and would like another checkbox added for this. Because of the 140 character limit on twitter just the title of the page will be posted, along with a link to the page and a message that says something like "I have posted a new page on my website"

How would this fit in with your ideas Glenn and Zick?



By gkornbluth - April 3, 2015

Hi All,

Crowd funding of projects like this has been in the back of my mind for quite a while, and Jeff's thoughts pushed the idea to the front.

See http://www.interactivetools.com/forum/forum-posts.php?Crowd-funding-of-plugin-development-80015


Jerry Kornbluth

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We use dlvr.it.  We created an RSS feed for whatever sections we want and tie that RSS feed in.  You can control the frequency of posts, the number of posts that go through at once, etc.  It works well, but would be interested in a direct link from CMSB to FB.


By Mikey - April 3, 2015

Jeff - what you proposed is very similar to what I had in mind in regards to title, short descriptio and upload, with the use of a checkbox to trigger whats posted. I like the idea of adding Twitter to this option as well.

in regards to the back-end coding part, I was thinking something that functions similar to the "show hide dependent fields" plugin.... Whereas you manually list the records in the code that will function with the plugin... the plugin would need to be able to distinguish the difference between record names and titles, and I think it should have the ability to pull the short description from the content as well and reduce it down to a short description - some clients just don't have the time to create a short description- but if the plugin could generate the short description from the content, then the client only needs to check a box for Facebook and Twitter postings - when they're ready to save the record.

im open to suggestions and in on a group funding, etc. what I do know is this will be built - whether I build it myself or hire someone to build it for me. I've already started talking to Interactivetools about the development of this.

By Mikey - April 3, 2015

Hey Gary -

I've been using using a similar service called RSS Graffiti  http://www.rssgraffiti.com

Works fine, but I'd prefer to offer a CMS Builder - built-in solution. 


By Mikey - April 3, 2015

Below is a more detailed description of what I'd like to achieve:

1) The client creates a record - gives it a title, a summary, content, and possibly uploads a photo. The client can then check a set of boxes for posting to social networks. Upon posting the social network which has been chosen to post to - has a title, description, an image or default website logo if no image upload exist and a link to the record that has been posted to the chosen social network.

• The first two priority checkboxes the client can check for posting to social networks would be “Facebook and Twitter”.

• A more enhanced solution I’d like to consider for development would offer additional check boxes for posting to:

- Tumblr
- Pinterest
- Google+
- Instagram

2) The Add-on coding part would allow me to modify the code so I can indicate which CMS records the plugin would function with and which fields to pull data from - (similar to the Show/Hide Dependent Fields Add-on)

- I can indicate which CMS records the plugin would function with and the social checkboxes would appear in the section editors I have chosen.
- I could modify the code - based on the CMS record and tell it that for the social posting use “Title or Name” from a given record, based on whether it’s a single, multi, or category based CMS record.
- The code would look for the existence of a summary field - else use content for the posting description.
- The code would look for the existence of an uploaded image for the record, else use a default image uploaded to another record - which contains the website’s logo.

3) And - if all of the functions of step 2) where as easy to modify and manage possibly without editing code that would be great - example using functions built within CMS Builder to modify the scenarios mentioned in step 2). But I understand that may also get costly and time-consuming to develop, and therefore if need be - I’d prefer to modify code similar to the Show/Hide Dependent Fields Add-on (to keep the cost and development time down as much as possible).

Let me know what you think about adding these additional social network options and add-on use within CMS Builder features… the pros / cons and if you have a better suggestion/s.


By grauchut - April 3, 2015

I am all for group funding. My clients are creating a Title, Content and Uploads. Mainly just Facebook but I agree it would be nice to include Twitter and others. I also like the hide/show checkbox idea. Thanks

Glenn Rauchut (Owner) Emergency Designz

By Twocans - April 4, 2015

I have been using Dreamweaver and extensions over the years but good sites take a while to build that is why now I am going to start using interactive tools cms more often. And were they to have an add-on like this very reasonable Dreamweaver extension it would be very exciting. I have not bought this specific DW extension as it was just released this evening.


But I am sure the specific logic of the code in the extension could be of interest to you guys.