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Our 100% no-hassles 90-day money back guarantee

If, for any reason... and we mean any reason you need to refund the software, we're just a click away. We bear all the responsibility, so you don't have to risk anything when shopping with us. So, rest assured that you are completely covered when you order with interactivetools.com.

Hassle-free refunds are offered for all our products - though services (such as custom programming, consulting and paid installations) do not qualify for refunds under this policy.

Before you refund

If you're having problems of any kind installing, configuring, or using our software, make sure you take advantage of our Support.

Here's how to refund
Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with your purchase from interactivetools.com, you are welcome to request a refund.

  • Refunds must be requested on or before ninety (90) days of the purchase date.
  • Refunds are not transferable and will be given to the original purchaser in the same form of payment that was originally made.

To request a refund please fill out our refund form.

If you have any other inquiries they can be emailed to: sales@interactivetools.com


Sometimes you just need a refund. It's okay, we understand. :-) Just to show you how easy going we are about the whole process, here's some feedback from some refundees.

"Thank you for prompt refund, with no hassles. I will always come back in the future for further products and thank you for your assistance. I would recommend anyone to do business with your company."

Ajaz Hussain
United Kingdom

"I ordered Article Manager from Interactive Tools for use on a client's web site. The support team was very prompt about installing it, and I found the software easy to use. I was very happy! But then the project I was working on got cancelled. Even though it had been 2 months since I ordered it, Interactive Tools was wonderful about refunding me for the software. The return was just as easy and straight-forward as the ordering."

Tamara Leer

"What an amazing company! We did extensive testing and had superb support from interactive during this time. We love the software! We just found that many of our requirements were well outside the scope of solution that AM provides. I am actually amazed that a software company really does give you a hassle free refund! And when I say hassle free, I mean just that."

Chris Tschida
New Zealand

"I don't think the return could have been handled better. Your system seemed both professional and streamlined. The only reason why I returned the product was that it didn't fit our system. I wouldn't hesitate before buying products from you again..."

Erik Windahl Olsen

"... the return process was great. It was short and easy to do. I was refunded promptly and appreciated the friendliness of your phone staff. I realize that you are giving out programs and that it is probably difficult to do returns that are based on the honor system. I appreciated the low hassle way of returning the product and I appreciate that I was not forced to keep it when it genuinely did not work for our needs the way I had expected."

Sadie Welsh

"I had no problems at all with the return process... I do feel your products are very good and you are professional in the way you present and deliver your products."

Bill Daniel