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With CMS Builder, you can create your own customized CMS in minutes, even if you've never installed a web script before. You don't need to be a programmer: whether it's for your own site or a client's project, even a novice web developer can easily create a custom system for managing your whole site.

CMS Builder Free vs Paid comparison

The paid version of CMS Builder allows software admin branding, private labeling and the ability to remove the "Powered By" link on published pages. Here are the details:

Free Paid License
Customize the program name displayed in the CMS Builder admin No Yes
Completely private label the software as your own.
- remove references to interactivetools.com
No Yes
Sublicense the software to your customers. No Yes
Support the development of the software. No Yes
Custom program name and titlebar in CMS Builder admin
- instead of CMS Builder, you can rename the software as your own
No Yes
Header image URL in CMS Builder admin
- replace the CMS Builder text with your own custom graphics
No Yes
Help URL in CMS Builder admin
- update the program help URL
No Yes
Footer HTML in CMS Builder admin
- add custom html to software footer
No Yes
Modify CMS Builder admin color theme No Yes
Required Powered by HTML on published pages
- displaying the default "Powered By" link is required unless you purchase a license.
- all pages published by CMS Builder will automatically add the "Powered By" link.
Required No
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Can I use the free version of CMS Builder on commerical website?
Yes, you can use the free version of CMS Builder on both personal or commerical websites.

Do the Add Ons (plugins) work with the free version of CMS Builder?
Yes, you can use both the free and/or paid add ons.

Are the numbers of users in CMS Builder limited in the free version?
No, you can have unlimited number of users.

Are the number of section editors limited in the free version?
No, you can create as many section editors as you need.

Do I need to download different CMS Builder software if I purchase a licence?
No, the paid version of CMS Builder is the same software as the free version. After you purchase a license, you can enter your license number in CMS Builder under Branding and you will instantly have access to custom all the fields previously not available, private label the software if you wish and remove the "Powered By" link on published pages.

Getting Started

  1. Download CMS Builder.
  2. Confirm your host meets the server requirments. Virtually all hosts meet the server requirements, including shared hosting accounts.
  3. Follow instructions for installing CMS Builder or order an installation from us.
  4. Review online documentation for instructions as well as our CMS Builder community forum.
  5. Need some help getting an email form, add ons, image gallery, templates or any other feature setup with CMS Builder, contact us for a free quote.

Download Free CMS Builder software