Private Label Version

Many agencies like to rebrand our CMS so they can further customize and market it as their own. Our "private-label" version lets you completely hide our name from the back-end admin interface and even lets you sublicense the software as your own.

Free vs Paid comparison

The paid version of CMS Builder allows you to customize the admin branding. Here are the details:

Paid License Free
Customize the program name in the admin menu and titlebar
• use your company name or create your own CMS software name
Yes No
Add a custom header logo
• match your company branding or use original graphics
Yes No
Modify the program Help URL
• link directly to your company support or contact page
Yes No
Customize the CMS admin color scheme
• choose a scheme or add your own CSS theme to match your brand's fonts and colors
Yes No
Add custom footer HTML in admin menu
• content such as additional links, promotions, or copyright notices
Yes No
Fully sublicense the software to your customers
• only your company name will be displayed in the license agreement and interface
Yes No


Is any branding ever shown on the website itself?
No, there's no branding shown on the front-end of the website in either the free or paid version. Branding is only ever shown in the CMS admin menus the website administrators see.
Can I charge my clients for the CMS software?
Yes, you can charge your clients however you want. The fees some of our customers charge include:
  • a one-time fee
  • a monthly subscription
  • bundled with other services, such as hosting or a monthly retainer
Do I need a license for each website?
Yes, you need a license for each website you want to private-label.
How do I upgrade from the free version to the paid version?
You just enter your license number in the Branding menu and you will instantly have access to customize all the additional fields to private-label the software.

How to buy

Click here to order a private-label license.