Website Saved Searches

Name: Website Saved Searches
Version: 1.01 (Released: Nov 15, 2017 - changelog)
Requires:  CMS Builder v3.11 and Website Membership Plugin
Single Price:  $69.95 – Login to purchase
Unlimited Price:  $194.95 – Login to purchase
(Single & Unlimited Use License Agreement)
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Include "Save Search" and "My Saved Searches" features on your website so users can name and save their searches to their profile for later viewing.


Website Saved Searches makes it easy to include "Save Search" and "My Saved Searches" features to your website. Logged in users can simply click a "Save Search" link and enter a search name to save their current search to a personal list of saved searches.

This plugin requires the "Website Membership" plugin and builds on its functionality. Users must be logged in to save, view, or manage saved searches as they are stored with their account. Users who aren't logged in will receive a "Please login or signup to use this feature". A benefit of this is that it encourages website visitors to sign up.

When your visitor saves a search they'll be able to give it their own unique name such as "Apartments near work" or "USB Adapters under $15" making it easier for them to identify the search they've saved when looking at their "My Saved Searches" page.

Website Saved Searches can even be used to save the results from more than one search form. So even if you have more than one search form on your website, Website Saved Searches can be used for all of them.

What's more, your "Saved Search" links will update dynamically with AJAX, no page reload is required.

This plugin comes with a detailed readme file which includes instructions on how to set up Website Saved Searches, as well as code samples for setting up your saved searches profile page.

Key Features

  • Just copy and paste code to add to your website
  • Encourage new website visitors to sign-up and create an account
  • Encourage website users to return to the site to refer to their saved searches
  • Add "Save Search" link to search result pages
  • Users can assign names to their searches
  • Saved searches can be easily managed from a user's profile page