Website Favorites

Name: Website Favorites
Version: 1.02 (Released: Aug 17, 2017 - changelog)
Requires:  CMS Builder v3.10 and Website Membership Plugin
Single Price:  $79.95 – Login to purchase
Unlimited Price:  $239.95 – Login to purchase
(Single & Unlimited Use License Agreement)
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Include "Add to Favorites" and "My Favorites" features on your website so users can save records to their profile for later viewing. This plugin can also be used for: Product Wishlist, Who's Viewed Me, Wink/Wave, Block Users, and more.


Website Favorites makes it easy to include an "Add to Favorites" feature to your website. Logged in users can simply click an "Add to Favorites" link to add a record or page to a personal list of favorites.

This plugin requires the "Website Membership" plugin and builds on its functionality. Users must be logged in to add, view, or manage favorites as they are stored with their account. Users who aren't logged in will receive a "Please login or signup to use this feature". A benefit of this is that it encourages website visitors to sign up.

You can use Website Favorites in a variety of ways. For example, if you're running a listings website (real estate, classifieds, products, etc), site visitors can easily add their favorite listings and save them for later viewing. Your site visitors can then manage their favorites from a user profile page, removing favorites they are no longer interested in.

Website Favorites can also be used for several alternate uses (and includes basic instructions for each). These include:

- Block Users: A common social networking website feature. The block status can easily be displayed and a list of blocked users shown of a profile page or easily loaded for restricting access to site features between users.

- Wink/Wave: A common dating site feature. You can trigger an alert upon winking or waving and allow users to view a list of users who have "winked" them.

- Who's Viewed Me: A common social networking website feature. Automatically, track and display which users have viewed each other.

- Product Wishlist: A common shopping/e-commerce site feature. Add products to your "wishlist" for later access. Wishlists could even be displayed publicly or queried for aggregate data such as "Most Desired Products".

We wrote this plugin to be flexible yet simple and easy to use. Even though each of these alternate uses might seem very different, they all involve allowing the user to select some items from a list and store those selections in the database. It doesn't matter whether that's a list of Real Estate Listings, Users, or Products. The functionality is the same. So in a way, you're really getting 5 plugins for the price of one.

This plugin comes with a detailed readme file which includes instructions on how to set up Website Favorites, as well as code samples and information on alternate/advanced uses.

Key Features

  • Just copy and paste code to add to your website
  • Encourage new website visitors to sign-up and create an account
  • Encourage website users to return to the site to refer to their favorites
  • Saving favorites from multiple sections is supported
  • Favorite links dynamically update with ajax without requiring a page reload
  • Framework allows many alternate uses (even all on the same site)