Twitter Login

Name: Twitter Login
Version: 1.02 (Released: Apr 14, 2016 - changelog)
Requires:  CMS Builder v3.00
Single Price:  $89.00 – Login to purchase
Unlimited Price:  $129.00 – Login to purchase
(Single & Unlimited Use License Agreement)
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Add one-click "Login with Twitter" to your website to support instant signups and logins from over half a billion twitter users.


This plugin lets you add a "Login with Twitter" button to your website so users can instantly signup or login with just a couple of clicks.

If you ever done any tech support or customer service (even just for friends and family) you know how easy it is for people forget their passwords and forget how to get into their accounts. The "Login with Twitter" plugin solves all those problems. Because twitter users use social media so frequently, they know their passwords for that site, and most of the time they're even already logged in!

Just adding a "login with twitter" link to your site will increase your sign-up, login, and user participation rates. Your users will know instantly that they can skip over a possibly slow and tedious signup and login process. Even if it's been a few months since they last visited your website, they know they won't have to search through their old emails or for an old password scrawled on a piece of paper. They just click the link and they're instantly logged right back in.

This plugin lets you tap into Twitter's enormous user database and authentication system to let users signup or join your website with just one click. Everything else stays the same, and you still have complete control over all of your data. Twitter Login just lets users skip over the tedious signup and login process.

If a user doesn't already have an account in your system, a new account is created when they signup with twitter. And if they already have an account, they're prompted for their account email and their twitter ID is connected with their email so they can login quickly. And in both cases, users are always free to login the traditional way by entering their password.

We love the ease and usefulness of this feature so much that we are adding it to all the new sites we build. We've even found ourselves signing up to more sites that we would have otherwise, because Twitter Login just makes it so easy.

Whether you're building a new membership site, or adding membership features to an existing site, give Twitter Login a try. Your users will love it.

*NOTE: If you're already familiar with the "Login with Facebook" plugin, this plugin does essentially the same thing but for Twitter. The one difference is twitter doesn't provide an email address, so on signup we ask the user for their email address to confirm it. But after that, logging in with twitter is just as fast as with facebook and takes just one click.

*NOTE: This plugin requires Website Membership 1.09+ and CMS Builder 2.51+

Key Features

  • Instant one-click signup (just enter your email)
  • Instant one-click login
  • Increased user signups
  • Increased user logins and participation