Instant Website

Name: Instant Website
Version: 1.00 (Released: Sep 13, 2010 - changelog)
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Requires:  CMS Builder v2.06
Price:  Free
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Launch a website in minutes. No code editing required. Your end-user can change everything from the website title, style (choose from 5), page and page structure all through the CMS. Includes: Unlimited pages, photo gallery and lightbox, file attachments, social media links, and much more.


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Instant Website is a complete website you can have up and running in minutes. And our unlimited use license means you buy it once and you can sell it over and over again to your clients. It's the perfect option for low-budget or tight-deadline clients that just need something launched fast. And for CMS/website designers, it's a perfect example of how you pre-package your own template designs and have them completely customizable through the CMS.

This one really takes mere minutes to upload. Once you've done that you just send the CMS login details to the client and they can do everything from there. The setup cost on this is almost nothing and you literally only need to sell it once for it to pay for itself.

For simplicity the design is based on a single template file which supports headings, content, blockquotes/callouts, photo uploads, and file attachments. Pages are linked from a hierarchical (tree style) menu. This allows clients to easily design their own menu structure to fit their needs without any extra design or work required on your part.

Everything that can be changed in this template set is done through the CMS. There's absolutely no settings in the code. The templates even come with default content and images to showcase the design and layout so clients don't have to start with a confusing empty website.

Some of the settings that can be configured through the CMS include:
- Website name, contact info, about us
- Social Media Urls (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in)
- Favorite Links (displayed in the footer)
- Website Style (choose from: red, green, teal, multi, wood)
- Logo Icon (displays a star beside your logo text)
- Logo Background (white on black or black on white)
- Menu Position: Left or Right
- SEO Optimized Urls (requires mod_rewrite)

And of course you can create an unlimited number of website pages and arrange them in a hierarchical tree up to three levels deep. Each website page has fields for:
- Name
- Content (wysiwyg field)
- Photos
- File Attachments
- Parent Page (to have one page appear under another)

Instant Website is the perfect addition to your product offerings and an easy way to generate revenue from clients who wouldn't otherwise have the budget for a custom designed site.

Key Features

  • Instant Setup (just upload and you're done)
  • Completely configurable by client (no code editing required)
  • Five different website styles (red, green, teal, multi, wood)
  • Supports unlimited pages and 3 levels of page depth
  • Unlimited Use License (buy once, use with multiple clients)

Customer Quotes

I bought it last night and just got around to installing it ... had it running in about 10 minutes. As with all of your products, it worked right out of the box. It only took a couple of minutes of reading the template code to get the picture. What a great product! It is going to save me a ton of time in the future.
This opens up a whole new ball game. I can offer professional websites quickly and easily. I save time, my client's save money, and everything required is built into the templates and managed through the CMS. What a fantastic addition to CMS Builder!