Exploit Scanner: Changelog

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v0.20 (April 5th, 2012) - Better support for dirs with 150k+ files, improved patterns and whitelists
v0.21 (April 6th, 2012) - Added code to turn off output buffering, skip symlinks, and detect files modified in last X days (-m option), and more php patterns
v0.22 (April 17th, 2012) - Misc code improvements, renamed xs.php and added pattern functions to the bottom
v1.00 (April 24th, 2012) - First Public Release, Code improvements, more patterns and whitelists
v1.00a (May 10th, 2012) - Added command-line progress output, added patterns, adjusted scores, added command line support for PHP <5.3.x on Windows
v1.00b (May 11th, 2012) - htm/html/shtml files are now scanned for HTML and JS exploits. Added pattern for MAL/IFrame-W
v1.01 (May 16th, 2012) - Added more patterns and whitelists
v1.02 (Jun 6th, 2012) - Improved patterns, removed progress output for cronjobs, php files are now scanned for html/js exploits
v1.03 (Jun 28th, 2012) - Added patterns and adjusted scores, added -v verbose command-line option to show names of files being scanned
v1.04 (Feb 19th, 2013) - Add two new whitelist files (Microsoft Silver light)
v1.05 (May 30th, 2013) - Added JS/BlacoleRef.DF pattern, added .htc to html extensions
v1.06 (June 4th, 2013) - Whitelisted WP KSes filter script
v1.07 (July 5th, 2013) - Added new -a flag for scanning "all files" (for detecting PHP/JS exploits saved in .jpg files, etc
v1.08 (September 13th, 2013) - Added support for PHP 5.2.4 on Windows.
v1.09 (September 17th, 2013) - Added more user submitted whitelist patterns and files
v1.10 (October 8th, 2013) - Added new javascript exploit pattern
v1.11 (November 5th, 2013) - Fixed PHP error on windows
v1.12 (January 9th, 2014) - Added .json files to scan list and new javascript injected remote inclusion pattern
v1.13 (July 30th, 2014) - Added patterns for newly submitted wordpress exploits
v1.14 (November 17th, 2014) - Added patterns for newly submitted exploits