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Issue 048 - Nov 9, 2006

1. Page Publisher Special - Save $50 (One Week Only)!
Page Publisher Special - Save $50 (One Week Only)! Until November 16th (one week only!), you can purchase Page Publisher at a special price of only $99. You'll save $50 off of the regular price and if you purchase a 5-pack you can save as much as $70 on each license. This is a chance for some huge savings on your next purchase.

If you're developing a web site for your client, Page Publisher is the perfect content management solution. Non-technical users can easily update their site without knowing any HTML, and you won't have to worry about them accidentally ruining your site's design.

This special pricing is available for one week only. If you would like to place an order or have any questions, you can always give us a call (toll free 1-800-752-0455), send an email, post your questions in the forum, or message us through live chat.
2. Article Manager 2 - Burning Up The Forums
Article Manager 2 - Burning Up The Forums If you haven't already tried Article Manager 2, now is the time! It's less than 3 weeks old and there are already almost 1000 posts in the forum with more and more coming in everyday. There's a vibrant community of web developers learning from each other and plenty of interactivetools.com staff answering questions and cheering everybody on as they roll out their new web sites.

Bring us your questions, your problems, your challenges; we'll find a solution for you. You're going to be amazed with what Article Manager 2 can do.

I've personally made over 150 posts in the last two weeks alone and have been grateful not only to be able to help out all of you, but to be able to learn from you as you share some of the amazing things you've been able to do with the software that even WE didn't think of!

If you're already using the software and you're in the forums, thank you so much for your contributions, it's an honor to be part of a community with you. And if you're not, come join us. We're having a great time and would love to answer any questions you have and help you get you set up with the site you've always wanted.

I know there are a lot of people who talk a good talk on the internet, but we really care and will back you up 100%. If you experience anything less than that, email me personally and I'll make it right for you. Come join our family and you'll find out why people say we have the best supported software out there.

Dave Edis
Founder & CEO
3. How Do I Know If Article Manager Is For Me?
How Do I Know If Article Manager Is For Me? If you're looking for that article management system that will be the perfect fit, you've probably read a lot of websites, and it's hard to be sure if what a company says is real or just plain old hype. Here at interactivetools.com, we HAVE to deliver - we give you 90 days to make up your mind, and if you're not happy, we'll give you your money back.

We want you to know with certainty that you're making the right choice with Article Manager (or any of our other products). Often the easiest way is just reading about what other's have to say.

In the first 3 weeks of release, Article Manager 2 has generated an insane amount of excitement, and people have been raving about it all over the forum. Read for yourself what people are saying about the amazing new features, the support we've given them at every step, and about Article Manager 2 in general.

Easy to use, saves you time.
"I thought that was going to require hours of recoding....

Thanks Dave! It's working quite well. I absolutely love what you can do with Article Manager 2 and nothing seems to be very hard, even for coding challenged people like myself!!!.

Thanks for a great program!"
- thatscountry

The world's best support at your fingertips.
"Hi Ross. Thanks a lot for everything. I'm very excited and thrilled at the work you did. You really helped me a lot today." - Herve

"As usual, amazing support! I'm sure you're having a busy weekend and we appreciate your help. Thank you for 2.0 and your wonderful support." - happytime

A huge improvement over Article Manager 1.
"AM 2 is what I was hoping for and more and is, IMHO, a lot better than 1." - elderban

Endless headlines, thousands of articles, RSS feeds, a wireless version, whatever and wherever you want.
"Just a note to interactivetools:.

I have to say that your new static files creation system (Publishing Rules) is a great idea. Now I can easily create many more of such files to include on other pages without having to worry about timing out or publishing taking too long..

I use such files to display a couple of main stories and lists of latest headlines, and now it's easier than ever..

Good job :)"
- jonathan

Category Filtering, giving you more control
"Excellent 2.02 Upgrade! I can now block categories from appearing in the global index, latest headlines, category indexes, and category menu. I think this feature is going to be really useful. This will make it possible to create a category, set a unique template with appropriate commands, and transform the section into a totally different feature. And best of all, you can specifically choose where you want the new category to show.

Thanks "
- floodrod

Tell us about your experience with Article Manager 2 (or any of our other products).
4. Article Manager 2: Publishing Rules 101 - Coach's Corner with Mike Briggs
Article Manager 2: Publishing Rules 101 - Coach's Corner with Mike Briggs For this newsletter I planned on writing a tutorial involving Article Manager 2, focusing on one of its new features. Choosing just one of these features turned out to be quite the task in itself, there are so many great new features, where do I begin!?

I've decided to talk about one of my favourites, Publishing Rules. Publishing Rules basically tell Article Manager how and where to create your content and what kind of content this will actually be. For example, by default Article Manager publishes a global index page, category index pages, article pages, printer friendly pages, an RSS feed and more. But what if, for example, you wanted to create another list of headlines, and even better, to include articles from only 4 of your 10 categories.

In this tutorial we're going to do just that. I'm going to walk you through creating your very first Publishing Rule. You'll create a list of all of your headlines, and only include headlines from 4 of your categories. (please note that this uses Article Manager's new category filtering feature added in version 2.02)

Keep in mind that there are all sorts of things you can do with Publish Rules and my suggestion to you is to just get familiar with how these work. When you get to a point in your project where you need a list of specific articles, an additional RSS feed, or a Google sitemap, you'll quickly realize that this is something you can easily set up with Article Manager.

So let's get started.

    1. First, you'll want to download the specificHeadlines.html file. You'll want to upload this onto your server into the /templates/articleLists/ folder (it's in a zip file so remember to unzip it first :), you shouldn't need to make any changes to the file.

    1. Now you can log into Article Manager and click the "Admin" link and then the "Publishing" icon. You're now looking at a list of all of your existing Publishing Rules in the program. You'll want to click the "Create" button at the bottom right of this page. First, enter a "Rule Name" and "Rule Description", these are just the headings that will show up on the "Publishing" page so in the future you'll remember why this rule is there and what it does :)

    1. Next, choose a Rule Type from the dropdown menu. For this example, you'll want to choose "a list of articles". You can then choose your template file to determine how this new page will look. For this example, let's use the new "articleLists/specificHeadlines.html" file. Your new page will be a basic list of headlines that you can include onto other pages on your site. Next, "Placeholder Set Name" is how you'll reference (and include) this page from your other template files using a placeholder. I'd suggest using something descriptive like "4CategoryHeadlines".

    1. Now you can move onto the next section, "Rule Options". Leave the "Published Files" option as "One File" and then type in the filename you'd like to use for the published SHTML page. Again, something descriptive that is relevant to this page would be best. Also, using "Limit Results" you can choose how many articles will be displayed on this page.

  1. The last step is the Advanced Options where you can choose if this list will be published whenever someone saves an article, choose if you'd like this file to publish to a specific directory other than the default and also choose the order the articles will be sorted in. You can leave all of these settings with the default value and the only thing you'll want to change in this case will be the "Category Filter". Here we can choose which 4 specific categories will show up in this article list.

And that's it! Now click "Save" so your new manually created Publishing Rule is saved. Once the save is done you'll be taken back to the Publishing index page and you should see your rule in this list. On the second line where it says "Published as:" click the "Publish" link to create this SHTML file on your server.

You should now have an SHTML file on your server that lists the latest headlines from 4 of your categories. Depending on the settings you had chosen you should now be able to view this new list on your site using a URL like this: http://www.yoursite.com/artman/publish/file-name.shtml.

If you want, you can now include these headlines anywhere else on your website. Just use a simple include like this:

<!--#include virtual="/yourpath/artman/publish/file-name.shtml"-->

Of course, replace "yourpath" with the path of your own server. :)

Hopefully this helped give you a bit of experience with Article Manager 2's Publishing Rules and new category filtering feature. As always, if you have any questions about Publishing Rules or any other feature of Article Manager 2, you can give us a call (toll free 1-800-752-0455), post your questions in the forum.
5. 8 Tips for a Better Article Site!
8 Tips for a Better Article Site! With the Article Manager 2 forum going absolutely nuts you'll have no trouble finding more than your share of great tips and tricks. To help you find the best ones even faster I've put together a collection of the top 8 Article Manager 2 tutorials.
1. Add an Image Gallery to your Articles
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what's an entire gallery of images worth? Damon gives us the lowdown on how you can add a 3x3 image gallery to each of your articles.

2. Digg-ing Your Articles
Digg.com seems to be the popular site these days, and what better way to get more traffic then to have your visitors "digg" your articles!

3. Remove the "By" Author if the field is left blank
Using Article Manager's templateIf statement you can have the "By: [Author Name]" disappear if you haven't entered the author's name. (Hint: you can use this same technique to hide any other unused field labels, too!)

4. Creating a "View all articles by Author" link
If your visitors really enjoy an article engaging, there's a good change they'll want to read the author's other articles. Use this tutorial to give your site visitors an option for quickly finding any articles written by the same author.

5. Add About Author details to your articles
A little personal touch never hurt an article, and one way you can do this is by letting your visitors read more about the article's author.

6. Create Multi-Page Articles
Publishing multi-page articles not only gives the search engines more pages to index, it can also make your article navigation easier for your readers. In this tutorial Damon explains how you can break your articles up into multiple pages.

7. Adding Embedded Video [YouTube, MetaCafe, etc.]
Embedding video from popular sites such as YouTube, MetaCafe, Google Video, and other video sharing sites seems to be a popular fad now. In this post, Elderban shows you how.

8. Creating JavaScript Feeds
Were you using the old JavaScript webfeeds from Article Manager 1? Ross explains how using Article Manager's powerful Publishing Rules you can re-create your webfeeds exactly the same way you did with Article Manager 1!

And that's all for now. If you have any "how-to's" that you'd like to share, or if you want to do something with Article Manager but not sure how, feel free to send us an email or post in the forum.
6. Article Manager Upgraded Again, We Need A Designer
Article It's been a very busy three weeks since the release of Article Manager 2.0. With two Article Manager upgrades, responding to an extremely active community forum, and now preparing for a huge Page Publisher promo, you can only imagine!
New Article Manager 2.02 upgrade
If you haven't downloaded it already, I highly recommend you upgrade to Article Manager 2.02, it includes a very useful feature which I'm sure many of you will love. You'll now be able to filter out categories when creating your article lists. For example, you can create a brand new index page with articles being included from only 4 of your 10 categories. In this month's installment of Coach's Corner, Mike's wrote a tutorial for you that will help you make use of this new feature right away. I suggest you check it out, you'll see how easy it really is.
(view Article Manager change log)

Get Paid to Design
We're looking at providing you with a new set of great, original templates for Article Manager. We're just getting started, so if you have experience with web design, this might be the perfect project for you. We're looking for 3 to 5 unique template designs, for use with article or news-based sites. You'll be paid appropriately for your work. If you're interested you can email Theo (Project Manager) for more details.

Well, that's a wrap for this issue.
Wow, that was packed with a lot of great Article Manager 2 info, so I hope you found something useful! :)

Imagine, your site, your dream design. A team of contributors writing your articles, building monster traffic - and earning big revenue through subscriptions or ads. Article Manager has made it so easy for thousands of users to get that killer site rolling. We've seen people do it, so can you.

If you're searching for the perfect article management system, Article Manager 2 is the best solution for you. Anyway you thin-slice it, Article Manager makes your life easier.

Until next time, happy developing!

Luke Holzken
Your itools friend!

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