CMS Builder v3 Beta, 4 pack sale and Happy Holidays - Newsletter # 126 - Dec. 2015

1. CMS Builder v3 BETA - New Responsive Admin UI
2. CMS Builder 4 pack sale (until January 6th)
3. Office hours Over the Holidays
4. News from the Forum
5. Developer Resources & Useful Links
1. CMS Builder v3 BETA - New Responsive Admin UI

We've just released v3.00 Beta 1. You can download it here:

We're currently running this on our own site and have upgraded a few client sites, but it is a BETA so the standard precautions apply, backup first and don't upgrade mission critical sites. The major new feature are:

  • Mobile Responsive Design - We've completely rewritten the backend to be mobile responsive using Bootstrap 3, while maintaining a familiar look & feel to version 2.
  • Major Rewrite - We've optimized and rewritten many of the program internals for better performance and maintainability moving forward.
  • Dozens of bug fixes and improvements - Many minor bugs, issues, and annoyances have been addressed.
  • New Server Requirements - PHP 5.4.0+ and MySQL 5.0+ (make sure you have this before upgrading! Check the bottom of the Admin > General page)

Please post any feedback, questions, or bugs you find!

2. CMS Builder 4 pack sale (until January 6th)

Our CMS Builder 4-pack for $400 sale is back! Save 50% on any 4-pack purchase of CMS Builder for one week only. Don't miss out - buy now and Save on purchases of 4 (each license for only $99.97!). Take advantage of a total savings of $400 off the regular CMS Builder price. Place an order or if you have any questions, give us a call (toll free 1-800-752-0455), send us an email, or post in the forum. We're always here to help you out!

3. Office hours Over the Holidays

Over the holidays our office will be closed on:
Dec. 24th, 2015 - Thursday
Dec. 25th, 2015 - Friday
Jan. 1st, 2016 - Friday - Happy New Year!

Our team at would like to wish you Happy Holidays! We hope you have a fantastic and festive holiday, filled with Christmas lights, hot chocolate, snowmen and snowshoes (or surfing, if you're one of our southern hemisphere friends!) Enjoy this special time of year with your friends, family, and community.
Happy Holidays,
Your friends at

4. News from the Forum
News from the Forum

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Dave puts together code for a referral capture form that allows the referrer string to be passed, saved in a cookie so it can be used with future forms submits:

Damon and Jerry share code to display CMS Builder users access by section in a one view including access level:

5. Developers Resources & Useful Links
Developers Resources & Useful Links

99 Tech Life Hacks: everything from keyboard shortcuts, handy online tools and websites.

Lifehackers most popular explainers of 2015:

A free library of HTML, CSS, JS nuggets:

Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates - now in public beta: