4 for $399 CMS Builder Sale, CMS Builder and Add On Updates - Newsletter # 125 - Apr. 2015

1. CMS Builder 4 pack sale (until April 17th)
2. CMS Builder 2.64 released
3. CMS Builder 2.65 released
4. What's next? CMS Builder 3 with new responsive UI
5. Newsletter Builder v3.02 Released
6. Auto Backup v1.04 Released
7. News from the Forum
8. Developer Resources & Useful Links
1. CMS Builder 4 pack sale (until April 17th)
CMS Builder 4 pack sale (until April 17th)

Our much anticipated 4-pack for $400 is back! Save 50% on any 4-pack purchase of CMS Builder for one week only. Don't miss out - buy now and Save on purchases of 4 (each license for only $99.97!). Take advantage of a total savings of $400 off the regular CMS Builder price.

Place an order or if you have any questions, give us a call (toll free 1-800-752-0455), send us an email, or post in the forum. We're always here to help you out!.
2. CMS Builder v2.64 released
CMS Builder v2.64 released

If you've ever had a client report a php error that you missed on a webpage, you're going to love this release. It automatically monitors EVERY page on your site that loads CMSB libraries, logs any errors with all the details (including who was logged in, what they were doing, etc), and even emails you about it.

The major new feature are:

  • Universal Error Logging - A new admin menu "Error Log" logs errors from the CMS and on EVERY page on your site that loads CMS viewer libraries. This is a major new feature and will make it incredibly easy to monitor, track and resolve even the smallest PHP error anywhere on your site.
  • Email alerts on emails - Enable "Email PHP Errors" under Admin > General and get instantly notified of any PHP Errors you may have missed on ANY page that loads the CMSB libraries. Be sure to enable this option and update the To: address in the email template to try this feature out. Note that emails aren't sent more than once an hour and are only sent for NEW errors.
  • Flash Uploader Code - We updated how the flash uploader works to address some compatibility issues people were having with some browsers and servers.
  • New Config Files - We've updated the generic PHP config files we include with CMSB (.htaccess and php.ini) and added PHP's new .user.ini config file. These help address common configuration issues on many servers but aren't required.
Dozens of bug fixes and improvements - Many minor bugs, issues, and annoyances have been addressed.

To see the full list of changes, please visit the CMS Builder changelog:

3. CMS Builder v2.65 released
CMS Builder v2.65 released

We've just released CMSB v2.65 (Build 1122)

This is a maintenance and security update, it's a recommended upgrade for all users and the last planned release on the version 2 branch.

We recommend you make sure you install this version to confirm that your server meets the requirements for version 3 of: PHP 5.4.0+ and MySQL 5.5+ (A notice will display at the top of "Admin > General" for servers running outdated and unsupported versions of PHP or MySQL).

To see the full list of changes, please visit the CMS Builder changelog:

CMS Builder users can upgrade by donation at this page:

*Special thanks for all our excellent beta testers for their help and support in testing this release and providing feedback. Your assistance really makes a difference.

For any CMSB license holders who want to join our beta testing team, you can sign up here:

4. What's next? CMS Builder 3 with new responsive UI
What's next? CMS Builder 3 with new responsive UI

We are working on a new responsive backend UI for CMS Builder 3:
The work integrating the new templates is under way as well as internal testing. Although there will be a lot of back and forth with identifying and then fixing issues, we are hoping to have a beta ready for testing in about 4 weeks. Watch the forum for progress updates.

If you're not already on the beta tester email list and you'd like to help beta test (you must own at least 1 CMSB license) you can sign up here:

5. Newsletter Builder v3.02 Released
Newsletter Builder v3.02 Released

We've released a Newsletter Builder v3.02 with a security update and it's a recommended upgrade for all users:

This release patches a security issue where users who had access to create newsletter messages could potentially insert carefully crafted PHP code into the HTML of the message to execute PHP with the same permissions as the web server.

If you're new to Newsletter Builder, it's simple and easy to use newsletter software that lets your clients create and send newsletters. You can read more about it and check it out here:

If you've already purchased, you can download the upgraded plugin for free here:

6. Auto Backup v1.04 Released
Auto Backup v1.04 Released We've just released a new version of AutoBackup:

NOTE: This version requires CMSB 2.60 (Released Feb 2014)
Here's what's new in 1.04:
  • Backup now runs as a "Background Task" every hour
  • You can now supply a list of tables to skip for backup. Defaults to _cron_log, _error_log, _outgoing_mail, _nlb_log
  • Backup directories: Now supporting custom backup directories
  • Backup filenames: Better hostname detection for backup filename prefix, now using hostname from: Admin > General > Program URL
  • Documentation: Warning is now displayed on Plugins and Settings menus when "Background Tasks" isn't enabled (now required).
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue where an error would sometimes be displayed when old backup files were being removed.
Probably the biggest benefit is we're now running it once an hour with background tasks. Previously you had to have traffic on your website to make it run and it would sometimes slow down page load times since it would run after the page was loaded once an hour.

For a full description of this plugin and to download the latest version, visit the add-on store.

7. News from the Forum

News from the ForumZicky shares both a PHP powered Countdown to Event if the date is greater than now, which counts down the days, hours and minutes until the event date and also a jQuery version of a countdown to Event if the date is greater than now, without the need for the page to refresh.

Here is the code and steps to setup fields in a CMS Builder section editor that can be only viewed by an Editor but edited by an Admin.

Free 3 month trial of The CMSB Cookbook from Jerry Kornbluth:
The Cookbook has been helping both new and experienced CMSB developers for almost 8 years now, and contains a wealth of practical information, from how to get started working with CMS Builder, to hundreds of tips and tricks that will help to get your killer CMS Builder designs completed and on-line, in record time.

To get instant access, just sign up for a free account here:

Read Jerry's complete post with details here:

8. Developers Resources & Useful Links

Developers Resources & Useful Links Google Developers PageSpeed Insights is a really useful tool that measures the performance of a page for mobile devices and desktop devices. Enter a site URL and PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of that web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Chome software removal tool to scan and remove software that may cause problems with Chrome. https://www.google.com/chrome/srt/

PHP Error Alert chrome plugin. Free Chrome Browser plugin that alerts you anytime there is a PHP error in the sourcecode of the page. Even though this was released by us some time ago, I use this every day and I can't count the times I have been alerted to PHP errors and the amount of time that has saved me.
Pick it up at the Chrome Store: PHP Error Alert

And now for something completely different: The Healing Power of Cat Purrs. Apparently cats create purr vibrations within a range of 20-140 Hz, known to be medically therapeutic for many illnesses. I have new appreciation for my cat!