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By dazmaster - November 4, 2009

hi there

1st post, hope its not stupid, couldn't find an answer to it in the forums through the search.

my site is c# .net and the page extension is .aspx. i set the settings in AM 2 to aspx, when i publish the pages it builds the main page (index) as .aspx but it does not build the inlude_siteheader as aspx but instead as asp and then the index is looking for include_siteheader.aspx which of course causes it to error.

any ideas?



Re: [dazmaster] publish to aspx page :-(

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By Donna - November 5, 2009

Hi Darren!

Doublecheck your publish rules and make sure you're not overwriting the default extension -- in the extension field, you should just have <ext> unless you need a custom extension for that particular publish rule.

This is assuming you have aspx set in the general settings as well -- make sure that's set overall, and then the default <ext> should work fine in each of your publish rules. :)