Can a text field function like an upload field, and then use foreach loops to show multiple results on a details page?

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Hello, just like cmsb upload fields for photos/graphics, etc. receives multiple files (pieces of data) and then on public list and detail pages we can show all that were uploaded with a single function (foreach loop) display the results?

Basically, I have the client enter just a youtube video id (no share code, etc. as I preprogrammed the page with all the wanted parameters) and that video shows.  Works terrific but now the client wants to add many (think 20+) videos on a single page. It'd be a lot less cumbersome to just keep adding video id's to a single field area in a record instead of creating indivdual fields for every video. 

does that make sense?

Hi Codee, 

If it's just URLs, what about just having a big text area field and listing the links one after another? 

You could then display them on the frontend with some code like this: 

// mockup some fake test data
$record['links'] = "

// show links
$linkText = strip_tags($record['links']); // remove any <br> tags
$links    = explode("\n", $linkText);     // split on new lines
$links    = array_map('trim', $links);    // trim whitespace from each link
$links    = array_filter($links);         // remove empty links

foreach ($links as $link) {
    echo "$link\n";

Let me know if that works for you.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer