Customize wysiwyg w/different admin & user toolbars (as of v3.66)

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I'm hoping for help with this challenge.

For many installs prior to version 3.66, I've created a /lib/wysiwgy_custom.php with code suggested on the following forum post. That customization created a separate toolbar for admin and another for users:

Since updates to /lib/wysiwyg.php as of version 3.66, I've not been able to make that custom code work. If someone has figured this out and could please share their code, I'd be very grateful!

~ Deborah

Djulia, thank you for the code suggestion.

I was working with version 3.70. The $CURRENT USER code addition doesn't have any effect, the WYSIWYG editor still doesn't appear. Error log shows "Can't set cookie(loginsession ... headers already sent!"

Next I tried both my original code and the modified code with beta 3.71 and both worked - no errors.

I'm guessing it was a cookies bug in 3.70 that has been fixed fixed.

Thanks again!
~ Deborah

Hi Deborah, 

Can you try the attached file?  Let me know if it works for you.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

wysiwyg_custom.php 10K


Yes - it's working perfectly. Thanks for your assistance!

~ Deborah