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By Lucia - May 16 - edited: May 16

Hi everyone,

As you may be able to tell, we've just made live a new, more modern design for our website. Let us know what you think! We'd love to know if there's anything you love, hate, or if you find anything that's broken.


Technical Lead

Hi Lucia

The website looks great.

I've found an error. The link to download the latest version comes up with an error: Error(3): Download filepath doesn't exist!

The error is on this page:



Thanks Jeff! I've fixed the link.

Technical Lead

By kitsguru - May 18 - edited: May 18

The contrast is insufficient, and my old eyes have trouble reading it. This makes it very hard for me to use the site. Please fix all accessibility issues. Accessibility issues have a negative impact on SEO and UX.

If you use Axe dev tools to test for accessibility, the forum reply page I get:

Automatic Issues 108

Best Practice 40

Critical   22
Serious    46
Moderate    2
Minor      38



Element has an insufficient colour contrast of 4.34 (foreground colour: #64748b, background colour: #f1f5f9, font size: 13.5pt (18px), font-weight: normal). Expected contrast ratio of 4.5:1

The code modal window is totally unusable for me.

Jeff Shields

Great feedback, Jeff, thanks.  We'll work on getting the contrast issue fixed ASAP.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer