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I've noticed that if I am logged out of a session on one browser window, it logs me out of all of them. That's expected, but I can't log back in to any of them unless I close them all out first and start over. If you try to log back in and you have multiple windows open to that CMSB, it will just keep looping back to the login screen. Closing out all CMSB windows will fix it.

This creates a new problem, because if I was working on some content and the session timed out, I could just open CSMB in a new window, login, and continue on with my work in the other window.

Kenny H

By KennyH - June 10 - edited: June 10

Hi Dave - 

What if I have multiple CMSB installations open, but they all have the same cookie prefix and php session id prefix? Should I be making these unique?  They are all unique - I just checked.

I also have had 3 clients email me today and tell me they are being logged out very quickly. I told them to clear their browser cache and it worked. I've done the same thing, but it does it only last for a little while.

I'm using Chrome, and have much better luck with Firefox

Kenny H

Hi Kenny, 

Thanks for the report.  We'll do some research and report back shortly.  

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Hi Kenny, 

I've uploaded a beta with some updates to how cookies work here: https://www.interactivetools.com/download/

Here's the changelog: 

- Cookies: Regenerate cookie names to force the use of new cookie settings (will require re-login)
- Cookies: Limited max cookie age to one year for better compatibility with modern browsers and RFC 6265bis
- Cookies: Fixed issue that could cause multiple login cookies to be sent
- Checkbox CSS: Reverted checkbox styling to previous settings as per user feedback
- Misc Code and other minor improvements.

Can you give that a try and let me know if it resolves the issue?  If not let us know and we'll keep at it until it's resolved.


Dave Edis - Senior Developer