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Have you seen the ShowHide Dependent Fields plugin? I think this could work for you.

Create a dropdown field with two values:

Image Box
Text Box

When the cmsAdmin selects Image Box you show an image upload field and hide the text box.
When the cmsAdmin selects Text Box you show the text box and hide the image upload.


Brilliant, thank you, I'll have a look.

I have another question, I'm using the fullpage.js to create slides so am using a multi-record to create the slides. But I need to set a class on each slide, I can do this using a textfield area and that works but I want it to work dynamically, so the first slide has one class then the second and third slides onwards have a different class. Have you go any ideas how I can do that?

I'm not familiar with fullpage.js

Could you use css?

<!doctype html>


div {
height: 100px;
width: 100px;
background: yellow;
div:first-of-type {
background: red;




<div>box 1</div>
<div>box 2</div>
<div>box 3</div>
<div>box 4</div>


I have installed the plugin and have it showing the two options but when you select an option it doesn't show that field, they are both hidden so that's working but they just don't show when you select one.

I can but I need to tell the first slide to use one css style and the rest to use another, so the slide needs to pull in a style, a bit like the add/remove javascript function.

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Using a css selector should take care of it. 

Set the css for all the slides. Something like:

.slide {
background: red;

Then set a separate style to alter the first slide only

.slide:first-of-type {
background: yellow;

In your js or html you apply the .slide class to all of the records. The first slide will have a yellow background, all the others will be red.


By JeffC - May 17 - edited: May 17

Regarding the ShowHide plugin – I'll take a look at your code if you post it here. I'll try to sort it for you, but it may be one for the experts :)


Thank you:

<?php if(!isset($shdfpIncluded)) die('Restricted Access');
// refer to instructions.txt for detailed instructions and examples
$fields = array( // enter your rule sets here // 'welcome' => array( 'content_options' => array( '_none_'       => array(), '_any_value_'  => array(), 'image_box'      => array('feature_image'), 'text_box'      => array('right_screen_content'), ), ),);
$devmode = false;