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By rez - March 13, 2023

I'm curious if CMSB has the ability to convert all the images uploaded to old websites to WebP format. CMSB can already auto convert individual jpg images to WebP and recreate thumbnails in a click, so I was wondering if it could do this for the entire site at once. Some old sites have a large number of uploaded jpgs, and it would be extremely helpful to convert them all to WebP without having to re-upload them. Although I doubt if CMSB currently has this capability, it seems like all the necessary features are already present. If it were possible, it would be fantastic for any old website. Is this possible?

By Dave - March 16, 2023

Hi Rez, 

Yea, if you have a look under the plugins menu (for v3.56 or later) there should be a default plugin you can activate called "Convert to WebP" you can activate that provides that functionality for you.

Let me know any questions or if it works for you.

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer