Convert all old site uploads to WebP

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By Dave - March 16, 2023

Hi Rez, 

Yea, if you have a look under the plugins menu (for v3.56 or later) there should be a default plugin you can activate called "Convert to WebP" you can activate that provides that functionality for you.

Let me know any questions or if it works for you.

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Codee - April 27, 2023


I see Dave already answered your query. As a CMSB user I can attest that the convert to webP functions work terrifically. In fact I was able to seamlessly convert approximately 80,000 images in approximately 3 hours running the conversion right on the host (I was TERRIFIED before pulling the ripcord on that!). It was on a shared host BUT it was a more professional plan with a bit more heft to their servers (not on godaddy). 

I attached CMSB's webp conversion from a few cmsb versions ago to this thread.  WebP conversion since then is pre-built into CMSB. Good luck!


convertToWebp.php 9K