Safe to clear out/delete the contents of the temp directory inside the data folder?

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By Codee - September 29


Is it safe to delete the contents of the temp directory inside the data folder in CMSB?

Thanks in advance.

By daniel - October 3

Hi Codee,

Yes, the temp directory is intended for files that could be deleted at any time, so it should generally be safe to clear it out (except for the ".htaccess" and "index.html" files; these are important for security). It is possible that custom code could be using it for more "permanent" storage, but it would be irregular. As an extra precaution, you could skip deleting any recently created files which would reduce the chances of deleting something that's still in use.


Technical Lead

By Codee - October 3


thank you.  One clarification on what you wrote: If "I" did not create the usage, and I am not running any customized plugins (but only using standard plugins from IT site), then it's safe to delete? Or is there something the core CMSB code (recent version 3.57) might be using the temp directory for?

By Codee - October 4

Nearly ALL of them are graphics files I was uploading during testing with the webp converter (it's on another post on this forum and you helped me out with it). I knew what they were and was instinctively just going to delete but thought I'd better ask first (which I did). My hesitancy is because on the newer Corel programs (on my pc) the original graphics are autosaved into a special Corel folder...With all the wonderful improvements to CMSB I just wanted to be sure that they didn't need to be saved.  

Thanks, I'll clear most of them out.