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By rentittoday - June 3


We are experiencing some issues that all seem to be related to saving.
When trying to save a record in CMS we receive a 500 error:


This page isn’t working

www.myurl.comis currently unable to handle this request.



If you go back to the previous page and refresh, the changes are in fact saved.

We are also experiencing an error with the Create PDF 1.07 functionality.
After clicking the "Create PDF" button we are shown this error:

Exit with code 1 due to network error: ContentOperationNotPermittedError Error executing wkhtmltopdf! (Exit code: 1)<br/>

When we click the "Test server requirements" link inside of the Create PDF plugin, all tests pass.
However, when we click the "link" at the end of "Visually review PDF output" we are greeted again with the same 500 error.

Can anyone provide any insights as to why we may be receiving this error and how to fix it?

Thank you!
Jason Glass

By gkornbluth - June 3

Hi Jason,

Have you tried upgrading to the latest create PDF plugin (1.09) and is your CMS Builder up to date? (3.56), which requires PHP 7.3+ and MySQL 5.5+

That's usually a good place to start.

Sometimes newer PHP versions can cause issues with older software 

Jerry Kornbluth

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