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By KennyH - June 9, 2022

I am using maxWords to strip out html tags and limit the content on some JSON data output. However, quotation marks are gumming up the works.

I've tried adding addslashes and

str_replace('"', "", $string);

with no luck

  function maxWords($textOrHtml, $maxWords) { 
  $text = strip_tags($textOrHtml); 
  $words = preg_split("/\s+/", $text, $maxWords+1); 
  if (count($words) > $maxWords) { unset($words[$maxWords]); } 
  $output = join(' ', $words); 
  return $output; 



By KennyH - June 10, 2022

Hi Daniel,

It has to do with validation at

If any of the content in the schema contains quotation marks, it fails to pass validation. When I remove the quotation marks from the content, it passes without any issues. I also needed all other HTML tags to be stripped out and I already use the maxWords script posted here in the forums to truncate content on all of the websites I build, so I just figured using it here would work just as well. It works great (stripping out all of the html tags) but now I think I need it to remove the quotation marks if I am going to use it for the purpose of building JSON schemas.

I also think the issue is with rounded opening/closing double quotes, but not straight double quotes. I think this happens when the content is cut and pasted from a word processor into the WYSIWYG instead of typing it there.

The validation error is always JSON-LD Missing ',' or '}' in object declaration.

I have two pages that are exactly the same except one doesn't have the quotation marks. It passes validation. The one with quotation marks in the content fails validation.



By daniel - June 10, 2022

Hi Kenny,

It can be difficult to diagnose this without seeing the content itself, but here is some info I found on escaping JSON strings - something here may help:

If it is an issue with the "fancy" quotation marks, you may need to explicitly remove or escape the characters that are causing issues, since something like this:

str_replace('"', "", $string);

Will only remove standard double quotes, so you'd need to add an extra str_replace() step for each additional character you want to remove. (It's also possible to use arrays to remove multiple characters with a single str_replace() call, examples in the PHP docs:

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Technical Lead