Increasing the number of characters in the image upload "info" fields

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By gkornbluth - October 25, 2021


I've attached a set of plugins that might help you. (No guarantees or promises) The scheme only seems to work if both plugins are activated

When I had a similar problem a while back, Carl from Interactive Tools helped me create these plugins to convert an upload's info1 field type from a text field to a text box.

It seems to convert both existing upload info1 fields and new ones, so you may not have to change anything in your coding.

In my test deactivating the plugins didn't seem to erase any info1 field information from the database, it just changed the info1 field type and how it's displayed in the back end. Re-activating them restores the info1 text box format and the information

There's an executable form accessible in the plugin listing that I used to combine existing info1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 text entries into the new info1 text box, since I had originally used multiple info fields to hold overflow text in long captions. You should not need to use this.

Please do extensive testing to make sure that there are no adverse effects to your site when using these plugins.

Hope they do the job.

Jerry Kornbluth

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By CommonSenseDesign - October 25, 2021

Thanks so much, Jerry. I'll give these plugins a try.