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By wolf66 - June 17

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This same issue is happening to us using CMS B 3.54 and Permalinks v1.09

By wolf66 - July 18

We haven't been able to resolve this bug and wonder if someone could provide us with 2nd level support. 

By wolf66 - August 15

Hi there Daniel, 

I tried this with no success, unfortunately. have lodged a second-level support request. 

By kitsguru - August 31

Further to my old correspondence re the NULL conversion error, I found the easiest way to fix it is to backup the database and open the saved file with a text editor.

Search and Replace "NULL" with NULL and then 'NULL' with NULL.  Restore the database.

The problem occurs when update from any version Less than 3.12 to any version above 3.14.

Jeff Shields