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By JeffC - March 3, 2021

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Does this plugin come with any setup instructions? I have added inlineEditing.php to my plugins folder, made the changes suggested by Deborah to bring it upto date with v7, and activated it. But I can't actually see any change. I think there may be additional steps required?

I'm using 3.53 and 7.3.27

Thanks in advance


By daniel - May 14

Hi Jeff,

This is a custom-built plugin so unfortunately there's a limit to the support we can provide for its general use. Having a quick look at the plugin it's unclear if there are missing setup steps, or possibly some incompatibility with your CMSB version. If you can locate any specific errors it's causing we may be able to provide some guidance to resolve those. Otherwise, if you'd like some more direct assistance getting the functionality working, feel free to send us an estimate request ( and we'd be happy to look into it.


Technical Lead

By kitsguru - June 1

I realize there is limited support for this plugin. One thing I noticed is that fields that are admin only, still are editable by anyone. Could you point in in the right direction so I can modify the plugin so that only admin only fields are not editable by anyone else?

Jeff Shields