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By rez - May 28, 2021 - edited: May 28, 2021

 1. I have an editor that already has 100 items in it. I am adding a neverRemove checkbox to these items. I am selecting them to be checked as default. However, existing item checkboxes are blank. how can I fill them?

 2. I am also adding publishDate and removeDate. I don't need anything to happen with the 100 existing items. Unfortunately, when adding these fields to the editor for future scheduling, it is hiding all 100 items currently.

I was hoping that auto filling the neverRemove checkboxes would prevent the current 100 items from hiding and I would be good to go. In the future, I will schedule and manage the checkboxes as I create new items or edit old items as needed.

In conclusion, how can I add these 3 fields to my existing editor without effecting the existing 100 items? I am trying to avoid editing 100 items when I add these new fields. Maybe sometime on a site it will be 5,000 items. 

By gkornbluth - May 28, 2021 - edited: May 28, 2021

Hi Rez,

There are 2 recipes in my CMSBCookbook that I think can help.



If you don't already have a subscription to the Cookbook, you can get a free trial subscription using the link

Also, in V3.54 and maybe some other earlier versions, there's a check box available when you add either a check box or date field to an editor that says, "Update all existing records with this value" which should set the dates or checkbox value to all existing records.

Just back up the table data before mucking about.

Hope that gets you closer to your desired outcome,

Jerry Kornbluth

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