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By rez - May 28, 2021 - edited: May 28, 2021

 1. I have an editor that already has 100 items in it. I am adding a neverRemove checkbox to these items. I am selecting them to be checked as default. However, existing item checkboxes are blank. how can I fill them?

 2. I am also adding publishDate and removeDate. I don't need anything to happen with the 100 existing items. Unfortunately, when adding these fields to the editor for future scheduling, it is hiding all 100 items currently.

I was hoping that auto filling the neverRemove checkboxes would prevent the current 100 items from hiding and I would be good to go. In the future, I will schedule and manage the checkboxes as I create new items or edit old items as needed.

In conclusion, how can I add these 3 fields to my existing editor without effecting the existing 100 items? I am trying to avoid editing 100 items when I add these new fields. Maybe sometime on a site it will be 5,000 items. 

By gkornbluth - May 29, 2021

Hi Rez,

There's also another improvement in 3.54 I noticed.

Prior to this version, the default behavior for removeDate was to hide a post if
the field was blank. We've reversed this so that posts with a blank removeDate are hidden.
Before upgrading from older versions, verify that no sections are relying on the old behavior.

This removeDate explanation is a bit confusing and as soon as IT clarifies, I'll post it here.

What this means, is that previously if you had a removeDate field, and it was blank, then the post wouldn't show. Now,
the removeDate only functions if a date is entered, so if there's no date, it is assumed that the record has never
remove checked.

Jerry Kornbluth

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