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By celuch - February 25, 2021

I upload many proof images to my (photography) site, and in the past with the Flash uploader the images uploaded in the order intended.  Since flash has gone, the HTML uploader works quickly, but does not keep the images in order.    Does anyone know of a way around this?


By Toledoh - February 25, 2021

I got this plugin some time ago, and haven't used it much.  So be sure to test well before using on live!


Tim (

uploadOrderPlugin.php 2K

By celuch - February 26, 2021

Thank you.  A few tests worked well, but then issues appeared.  In some cases it didn't help order files.  In other cases it renamed the files completely, making it a bit "less than useful".  I will check further before writing it off - at least the idea is what I am after.


By Toledoh - February 26, 2021

From memory, we built it to work for a real estate office who were sent batched of images from various photographers.  hope it works for you somehow  


Tim (

By celuch - April 30, 2021

Still searching for a workaround on this.  Is there any settings in the html  uploader to use that may keep images in numerical order?


By Dave - May 25, 2021

Hi Celuch,

Do you mean filename sort order or the same order selected when choosing uploads? 

I think the uploads all happen in parallel so there's no way to maintain the order but I can double-check if that's what you're looking for.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By celuch - May 25, 2021

Hi Dave... thanks for checking on this.

Yes - we upload photography previews for clients, and it is a pain for them to compare images when they are pushed around.   Ideally, like the flash uploader (which always worked perfectly), they would be shown just as sorted during uploads...img01, img02, img03, etc.    We sometimes have thousands of numbered previews on some jobs, so manual sorting after upload, which I do now on small or important jobs, is impractical.   We continue to use it and it is not a serious issue, more of an annoyance. I'd guess others may have an issue with this at some point, but that was my reason for checking.