Date placeholer in W3C format for Sitemap

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By svsanchez - April 12

Dear Ross and team:

I am sad to see that you have removed the old Artman2 threads which had invaluable information for us still using that amazing CMS.

I just found a way to create my sitemap with Artman2, but my dates are not in W3C format. I changed the DATE ONLY fromat to the W3C format and left the DATE AND TIME in the format I want to display it on the page, as you can see on this image:

I added a LastUpdatedDate field as date / integer in the database field editor.

However, when I check the placeholderlist, the LastUpdatedDate is shown as:

12 Abr, 2021 - 00:00:00

I need it to appear as 2021-04-12 on my sitemap!

Could you please tell me how to achieve this? I'm pretty sure it's something simple since as you can see on the image, the DATE ONLY sample already shows it that way!

Thank you...

Sven Sanchez