Indexing MySQL Tables

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By daniel - May 5, 2021

Hi Greg,

While it can differ from case to case, changing column types should not generally be a problem with CMSB as long as the column type is suitable for the data in the field. For example, a field that contains only numbers (such as record num references) can pretty safely be changed from the default MEDIUMTEXT to an INT, which can improve performance for some lookups/joins. It is possible to do this within CMSB: when editing a field, under "Advanced Options" change the MySQL Column Type. You can also add an index to fields in this section by checking the "MySQL Indexing" option.

I would recommend making database backups before making changes like this, and if possible, testing them out in a staging environment.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Technical Lead

By gversion - May 6, 2021

Hi Daniel,

That's useful to know, thank you for explaining. I have checked the num values and they seem to be int(10) unsigned so I think that looks OK.

However, I will review this in more detail and carry out some tests on a dev environment.

Thanks again,