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By gversion - December 8, 2020


I have built on the "nlb_sendMessage" function to send emails out to users and I am using an email template defined in /admin.php?menu=_email_templates

When I insert a value in the Email template for either cc or bcc no emails are sent to these addresses.

The cc and bcc emails work with the sendMessage function but not with nlb_sendMessage.

Is there any way I can get cc and bcc emails to be sent using nlb_sendMessage?

Thank you,


By gversion - December 11, 2020


I am just following up on this post.

I was wondering if there is any downside to using sendMessage rather than nlb_sendMessage? Because I could just use sendMessage if it will work just as well.

Thanks for the help.



By Jenna - February 1, 2021

Hi Greg,

Are you still searching for an answer on this?

Please let us know.

Jenna Cooke - PHP Programmer

By gversion - February 1, 2021 - edited: February 1, 2021

Hi Jenna,

Thanks for the follow up. Yes, I'm still hoping to get an answer for this.



By gversion - March 1, 2021

Hi Jenna,

Thanks for the reply on this. That's great to hear!