Upgrading version 2.07 to latest version

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By btammen - December 1, 2020

What will I need to do to update to latest version?

Running MySQL 5.1.66-community MySQL Community Server (GPL)

By Codee - December 2, 2020

The latest release version is 3.53 and the latest beta version is 3.54...both have specific requirements - and the versions are vastly different coming from 2.0 versions. It is NOT as simple as just uploading with a single revision.

I'd recommend downloading them and before changing anything on your hosting packages review the following files (which are attached to each version). Of course ALWAYS make a full backup and have a backup plan in case it doesn't go as expected.

The files you need to review and understand are:

- how to upgrade from v2.txt

- changelog.txt

- how to install.txt

- how to upgrade from v3.08 (mysql to mysqli).txt

- how to upgrade.txt

If you do not understand the process well then I would recommend getting some additional help and also consider getting consulting support directly from the Interactive Tools team. It's worth the price and will be seamless while avoiding catastrophe.

Good luck!