CMSB v3.54 Released - October 29, 2020

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By Dave - October 29, 2020

Hello All!

We've just released v3.54 of CMS Builder, this is a maintenance release but we're also including an early beta of a new Media Library feature we're working on.

Here's the complete changelog for v3.54:

*** October 29, 2020 - Version 3.54 (Media Library Beta)

- This software version REQUIRES: PHP 7.2+ and MySQL 5.5+
- NOTE: Some plugins may need to be updated when upgrading from v2.xx

- Media Library (BETA): Use uploaded images in multiple sections
You can enable this feature under: Admin > General > Advanced > Use Media Library

- "removeDate" special field is now ignored when left blank. **SEE UPGRADE NOTES BELOW**
- Automated schema sync now also adds missing indexes for fields that already exist (for better
compatibility with uploading schema files edited externally)

- Fixed issue stopping 'all' search field working when section has a tab field type.
- Disable database encryption when MySQL hostname is set to "localhost"
- Update for iframe sizing in Firefox
- Code updates to add support for PHP 7.4
- Updates for MySQL 8 compatibility
- Upgraded the HTML purifier library to version 4.12.0
- Blank passwords are no longer allowed (previously only possible by erasing password with a mysql query)
- Tabs no longer appear if users do not have permission to access them
- Misc Code and other minor improvements.

Prior to this version, the default behavior for removeDate was to hide a post if
the field was blank. We've reversed this so that posts with a blank removeDate are hidden.
Before upgrading from older versions, verify that no sections are relying on the old behavior.

You can download the latest version here:

Please feel free to post any questions or comments


Dave Edis - Senior Developer
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By gkornbluth - October 29, 2020

Hi Dave,

Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but I think the REMOVEDATE UPGRADE NOTES say the same thing for the prior and current mode of operation.


Jerry Kornbluth

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By Toledoh - October 29, 2020

Hey Jerry.

I think that previously if you had a removeDate field, and it was blank, then the post wouldn't show.  Now,  the removeDate only functions if a date is entered.


Tim (
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By gkornbluth - October 29, 2020

Sounds right, Tim.

Is that true Dave?

Jerry Kornbluth

The first CMS Builder reference book is now available on-line!

Take advantage of a free 3 month trial subscription, only for CMSB users, at:

challenge with CMSB v3.54 Released - October 29, 2020

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By Codee - October 30, 2020

Hello I.T.,

I just updated a client site from cmsb v3.53 to 3.54 and get a red flag at the top of the screen "Security Notice: You are currently running old and unsupported server software that no longer receives security updates. To avoid being exposed to unpatched security vulnerabilities and to ensure compatibility with future CMS releases, please upgrade at your earliest convenience.

  • Upgrade to MySQL v5.6 or newer (Your server is running MySQL v5.5.510.2.34)"

The server is running Server version: 10.2.34-MariaDB - MariaDB Server, Protocol version: 10

(the latest stable release) - shouldn't that compatibility be at least at MySQL 5.6 level?  If so, can that message be updated?

Thanks in advance.

Error on Category Menu?

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By hiroko - November 2, 2020 - edited: November 2, 2020


I just uploaded this new version on a new server for a new project. (not as an update)

When I make a category menu, I am getting an error when I save (a new or existing record). I'm uploading the screenshot to this post.

This doesn't happen on the multi or single record. Can you look through this?

Thank you.


ps. PHP ver. is 7.4.4, MySQL ver. is 5.7.31

Error on Category Menu?

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By Dave - November 6, 2020


Thanks for the bug report!  In /lib/menus/default/save.php line 208 can you replace this:

if (preg_match("/:$recordNum:/", $parentCategory['lineage'])) {

With this:

if ($parentCategory && preg_match("/:$recordNum:/", $parentCategory['lineage'])) {

Let me know if that resolves the issue for you.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Error on Category Menu?

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By hiroko - November 7, 2020

Hi Dave,

Thanks! It works great now!


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By Steve99 - November 10, 2020

Looking forward to trying the shared media library!

Minor bug noticed in the security tips that come to find out was present in previous versions. The security tip check for "hide php errors" appears to run before the toggled setting is saved.