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By Toledoh - October 18, 2020

Hi All.

Can anyone explain to me why the first option includes _panelContent.php only once, but the second option includes multiples?  (I need multiples)

Option 1:

<?php foreach ($panelsRecords as $record): ?>

<?php include("_panelContent.php") ?>

<?php endforeach ?>

Option 2:

<?php foreach ($panelsRecords as $record); include("_panelContent.php"); ?>

Tim (

By Carl - October 19, 2020 - edited: October 19, 2020

Hi Toledoh,
With Option 1 you use a colon. The equivalent PHP to this is

<?php foreach ($panelsRecords as $record){ ?>

<?php include("_panelContent.php") ?>

<?php } ?>

For Option 2, you're using a semi-colon which terminates the loop right away. The equivalent to this is:

    <?php foreach ($panelsRecords as $record){ } include("_panelContent.php"); ?>

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