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By kovali - September 23

For a small hotel I need to make a booking calendar for booking rooms etc., with payments in advance so a kind of shoppingcart will be needed. Any ideas or can this be done through consulting please? Thx!


By cwuensche - September 23

Hi Kovali,
You can submit a request here with your project details and someone will get back to you. I don't believe I have personally seen any type of Booking calendar plugin existing yet.

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By Toledoh - September 23 - edited: September 23

Ive got a number of projects that are close to your requirements, and using  and the additional plugin of

  • Booking system and room occupancy for a couple of backpacker hostels (no payments) ,
  • Event Booking system with Simple Cart payments,
  • Complete fractional/shared ownership resort management system with member date allocations,  time-swapping etc  no payments.

Greg@Itools has done the majority of those with me  

Tim (

By kovali - September 26

Thanks all of you guys, I will have a look at all suggestions and see what's best... !