CMSB v3.54 Beta 3 (Maintenance Release)

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By Dave - September 18, 2020

Hi All!

We've just released CMSB v3.54 Beta 3.  This is a maintenance release but one thing to note is the minimum version of PHP that is required is now 7.2.  

Full changelog:

- This software version REQUIRES: PHP 7.2+ and MySQL 5.5+
- NOTE: Some plugins may need to be updated when upgrading from v2.xx

- "removeDate" special field is now ignored when left blank. **SEE UPGRADE NOTES BELOW**
- Automated schema sync now also adds missing indexes for fields that already exist (for better
compatibility with uploading schema files edited externally)

- Fixed issue stopping 'all' search field working when section has a tab field type.
- Disable database encryption when MySQL hostname is set to "localhost"
- Update for iframe sizing in Firefox
- Code updates to add support for PHP 7.4
- Updates for MySQL 8 compatibility
- Upgraded the HTML purifier library to version 4.12.0
- Blank passwords are no longer allowed (previously only possible by erasing password with a mysql query)
- Misc Code and other minor improvements.

Prior to this version, the default behavior for removeDate was to hide a post if
the field was blank. We've reversed this so that posts with a blank removeDate are hidden.
Before upgrading from older versions, verify that no sections are relying on the old behavior.

If you're not already on the beta tester email list and you'd like to get notified of upcoming betas you can sign up here:

And you can download the latest beta here:

Please post any feedback, questions, or bugs you find! Thanks!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Dave - September 22, 2020

Thanks Deborah!

I've resolved the "file extensions allowed" issue for the next build.  And for the removeDate, good catch, I think it's a typo but I'll confirm with the programmer.

I believe the old behavior was to hide records with blank removeDates and we're now showing them.

Thanks for helping us test the beta!  Let me know if you find anything else or have any other feedback!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By KennyH - September 23, 2020

Is TinyMCE5 on the roadmap?  There are some Bootstrap 4 plugins I would love to use.

By Dave - September 23, 2020

Hi KennyH, 

It wasn't but I've added it.  Hopefully in the next release after this one (which should come much sooner).

Dave Edis - Senior Developer