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By craig_bcd - July 28

Hi Guys -

I keep getting a 504 timeout when I try and look at the error log so I tried a work around to limit the entries per page to 5 via the url but that did not work.  I looked in the database so see if I could get at the errors that way but there were no database entries for the error log.  seemed a little weird since the count is coming from somewhere.

I also looked at the server info in admin > general settings and it indicates the table prefix is cms_ but when I look at the database it looks like the table prefix is cmsb_ not cms_.

I attached images of all of these things.   This was a cms update from 2.65 to 3.53. I moved the whole thing to a new directory, updated it and pointed the domain to the new version so it could be a side effect of that but the error log seems to grow.  I just can't figure out where the numbers are coming from.  

Any help would be appreciated!



By gregThomas - July 29

Hey Craig,

A couple of questions to help me diagnose the issue:

  • Are the other sections appearing in the database with the correct prefix? For example, is there a table called cms_accounts or cmsb_accounts?
  • It sounds like the old version of the CMS and upgraded version is on the same server, is that correct?



Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer -

By craig_bcd - July 29

Hi Greg - 

Thanks - in the database they are all cmsb (see attached).  They were upgraded on the same server - I made a copy of the directory with the website in it and upgraded it so that I could move it to the new version of php and of cmsb.




table-prefix.PNG 97K

By craig_bcd - July 29

Ok Greg - 

After mucking around a bit I was able to resolve the issue - I think the log just got enormous like gigs enormous.  i was able to find it and clean it out at the sql level.  I guess the last question I have is can I remove all of the cmsb_ prefixed tables since it looks like those tables were all copied to cms_ 

thanks for the help - I really appreciate the support you guys provide.