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By gversion - July 26


I am trying to add a new settings option to the settings.dat.php file.

I have placed my settings.dat.php in a data folder outside of my public folder and this is working fine.

When I add the setting option as below (in uppercase), then when I git push changes to the server the setting is removed:

'JWT' => 'XXXXX'

(where the Xs represent an API key)

If I set the option as below (in lowercase) then it is saved as I would like:

'jwt' => 'XXXXX'

Can someone please explain what might be going on here?



By daniel - July 28

Hi Greg,

This is an interesting issue. I couldn't find anything specific that would cause issue with the setting "JWT" vs "jwt". One question: Is it working as "JWT" in your local environment before deploying with git? My initial thoughts are that it could be something happening in the git deployment process, or perhaps server-specific settings files. A few things I would check:

  1. In the file where "jwt" worked - try changing it back to "JWT" and re-committing/deploying (if you haven't already).
  2. Double-check that the settings file that you are adding "JWT" to is the correct file being used in the deployed environment. 
    • You can check the settings file being loaded on the General Settings page in CMSB under "Server Info" where it says "To change database settings edit:"

Let me know if you have any progress with either of these or any further questions.


PHP Programmer

By gversion - July 28

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the reply.

I checked in General settings and the config file is the same one.

The thing is that my gut deployment is only configured to update files in the public folder so I don't understand why the settings file is being updated... Maybe it's a server configuration issue. I will check with the hosting people.

It took me a long time to figure out but at least I have got it working now. I just need to keep it in lowercase!